September 1, 2008

The Search.

I feel that I can say that mostly all of my American readers are enjoying a splendid Labor Day weekend in the States right now. It is strange being here and not taking part in the tradition that is a 3-day weekend lamenting over the end of a usually fast summer and the onset of hopefully a calm autumn. In Spain, of course, there is no "Labor Day" but in fact today is the beginning of school for most everyone (including me!) and the return to work for those who closed their shops and restaurants for the summer vacation as many in Spain do. I have been "celebrating" Labor Day weekend in a different fashion from everyone else as I have been at work trying to find a new housing situation before my loco flatmate changes the locks on me. I have looked at 5 places so far and have two more to see tonight. Wish me a "buenos suerte" (good luck) on my search as I would like to feel settled yet again.

On a happy note, I did spend my Labor Day (today) starting Spanish class and can honestly say it was wonderful. More about the class later on but wanted to let you know that my week is starting (hopefully) better than my weekend was.

Oh dios mio...

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