September 18, 2008

A Thursday Field Trip.

This first set of pictures above are just a random selection from the afternoon that I really liked; the view to a Catalan flag beyond a beautiful flowering tree, Barcelona police (how great are their beréts?!) walking along, more tomatoes than I have ever seen in one place, interesting design on the side of a building, a man sitting in an empty fountain to use a laptop (I told YOU WiFi was hard to come by here!).

This afternoon was a full field trip for myself around the Barri Gotic and La Ribera. I walked some streets I had been before but mostly new ones. It seems to me that the way the streets wind and wrap and warp around this city that you really can never walk the same path twice if you tried. One thing I did try to do was retrace my steps back to the church of the Santa Maria del Mar and the Picasso Museum (I had been to both a few weeks ago but didn’t have my camera so I wanted to go back and shoot some pictures) and of course got a little lost along the way, though I don’t know if “lost” is a good term to use here in Barcelona. It seems that lost is a state of mind when you are trying very hard to get to another place because you don’t want to be where you are at that moment. Here in this fantastic Spanish city I am never really in place I don’t want to be; each wrong turn leads me to a better street than the last (usually) and a discovery of a beautiful something that I want to capture with my camera. I’ll get lost ANYTIME here!

Today I saw the oldest temple in Europe, the most beautiful church in Barcelona, shops that sold handmade soaps and handmade clothes, a wonderfully designed chocolate shop, postcards that were perfect, and a whole handful of other captures you will see in the posts that follow. Each unique place I saw has their own set of photos; I was on visual overload but in a good way. So much old beauty next to new design that I couldn’t stop smiling each time I found a great new shop to step inside or an old building whose structure was weathered with time, but still retained the perfect characteristics that the architect had intended.

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