September 6, 2008

Running & Las Ramblas (late morning Saturday) = not a good idea.

This was not taken while I was running but another day walking down Las Ramblas. This was also on a Saturday, but it gives you a little idea of the sort of the people traffic there can be.

Saturday was a fairly relaxed day here in Barcelona as it began with a run down to the water from my flat and around the waterfront and then back. This Saturday morning, I left much later than last, and therefore upon running through Las Ramblas (on the sidewalk, NOT the major path down the middle) was met with a lot of tourists strolling and, not meaning to but, blocking my path to my run. I came back to my flat feeling like I had gotten a good workout, regardless of the tourists but think I will try to go earlier next time. Unfortunately there are not many areas in Barcelona to really get in a good run unless I want to run the hills of Parc Guell which I am thinking about torturing myself with one of these days when it isn’t so hot. I find this funny because Barcelona hosts not one but two marathons throughout the year (the main one in March and then another actually in a couple of weeks). I want to know where people are training!

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