September 25, 2008

Wine & Music at the Mar.

Wednesday night was the last night of Mercé and although I could only breathe through my left nostril due to a cold I decided I couldn’t miss out on the last night’s festivities. I am sure there were more raucous things going on, but my two Brazilian friends, Beatriz & Cristiana) from school and I (along with some Finnish, Dutch, and Italians who were new friends of Cristiana’s) went down to Port Vell to take in some wine at the Penedes Wine and Cava show as well as listen to some great live music by the water. It was pretty surreal as we were sitting there after the sun had gone down and just listening to this English band do some great covers (including my Grandmother’s favorite, “You Are My Sunshine”) and sipping Rioja (a Spanish grape and therefore common varietal of wine here) while watching the boats in the marina in the background. It was picture perfect (too bad my pictures weren’t).

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