September 18, 2008

Looks like...Mint Chip!

Xocoa was another shop that was a sensory overload. We have one here in Gracia but much, much smaller that I had stopped in my first week here. I didn’t buy any chocolate but was fascinated by the logo and the package design of the chocolate bars, so I of course took a business card and made a mental note to come back. Well, there is no reason to go back to the one in Gracia after getting to see this bigger sister store in La Ribera/Barri Gotic. Inside everything had the color combination that screamed: Mint Chocolate Chip! It looked like a graphic designer’s dream to work on, in my opinion. They had boxed cookies (which were reminiscent of my days at Eleni's), bags of chocolate shavings and bits, bars of solid chocolates and lots of other confections that when they came together in this mint green shop with high ceilings and wonderful graphics, smelled and looked equally delicious.

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