September 16, 2008

Treats for my eyes, but not for my feet.

The front door to Nagore

Looking into the store from the entrance (yes, it oddly slopes down)

A close-up detail of one of the cubby illustrations

Nagore (in my neighborhood of Gracia) is a store that would have been a dream to work on for both the environmental design and illustration. The entire narrow store is filled with cubbies of different sizes along both main walls as the floor slopes down (not sure if that was a artistic direction or the nature of the original architecture). Most of the cubbies are open to view the shoes and a few are closed and painted with bright blocks of color. The cubbies that are open have been illustrated on the interior of the cubby door to show different happy outdoor scenes; biking, eating, watering flowers, etc. Each illustration has been hand-cut in gray vinyl (of course when I was in the store I had to look as close as possible at the drawings). The illustration on the front door in royal blue on the clear glass was fantastic too as you can see.

It was the first time I have gone into a shoe store NOT to look at the shoes!

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