April 27, 2009

007 Gets Double the Fonts.

In the past year or so I have finally started watching James Bond movies. Yes, I know the first one came out with Sean Connery in 1962 with Dr. No (which was actually the very first one I saw) and it is now 47 years later, but sometimes it takes awhile to appreciate something and want to experience it. Anyhow, I have become quite smitten with the series and though my original goal was to watch them all in order, I have sort of stepped out of that and am now just randomly selecting ones to watch.

My latest watching was last night and it was the latest James Bond installment of Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. Randomly throughout the entire movie I kept turning to Matt and saying "This is AWESOME!" It seriously was fantastic. The story, the cinematography, the editing of the action sequels, the way it kept you gripped to your seat (or my hand to Matt's whenever something crazy happened), and especially the visuals of all of the different cities they went to. Through this under two hour movie we were transported to cities in Austria, England, Italy, Bolivia, Haiti, and Russia. Each time a new city was shown there was a clever use of typography and location in the shot. I did a bit of googling this morning and found out the design studio in charge of this is one called Tomato; as well as an article about the studio and the fonts used and where I found the images above. Thanks Fontshop (aforementioned blogger from where the photos & font info came)!

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ellen said...

Such nice typography! I didn't even notice when I saw the film. I was too busy watching Daniel Craig...