April 24, 2009

The Best Thing About Dr. Strangelove.

Okay, I am prepared to possibly be heckled by millions of film critics (not that millions of people, nevermind film critics, read this blog) but I watched Dr. Strangelove for the first time this weekend and wasn't so impressed. I kept asking Matt "Is it almost over?" to which I swear the answer was always "a half an hour". Needless to say, it didn't keep my attention and when it was over I was befuddled and confused. That was IT?! THAT's the big payoff?! I know it's about the deeper meaning of the behind-the-scenes in real-life government day-to-day and war and bombs but COME ON.

So my rant is over but I must say my favorite part of the movie (and there actually was one) was the very beginning. Seriously, the VERY beginning – the opening credits. This movie was made in 1964 and they employed some great typographic treatments and layout; something I see being used more nowadays in the time of "handmade"-looking. I will say that I had high hopes for the movie based on my response to the great layouts of the handwritten type. As you read from my paragraph above, those hopes were dashed quickly. Oh well.

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