April 10, 2009

Marimekko for Spring.

Like probably most other graphic designers, I absolutely swoon over the textile patterns of Marimekko. I am not sure if this is because of my love of bold graphic patterns or because without realizing it at the time, when I was younger and staying at my Grandparents house they had Marimekko bed linens. Maybe a memory of being cozy and with family stayed with me and therefore my love of the Finnish designers stuck. Either way, every trip to their store on the Upper East Side or a find of any of their products in Crate & Barrell or just a stroll through their website makes my day. I just went on now and saw their Spring Catalog as well as some fun graphics made for their homepage; both of which were inspiring and I am trying to think of ways to incorporate into designs for a brochure I am doing (not for textiles though, for hair products).

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