April 28, 2009

Dasani Delicious.

Friday after work I attended an event to promote the new Dasani Essence waters and was pleasantly surprised! First off, I am not a fan of flavored water because I think it tastes fake and I would rather not drink the chemicals. However, these new Dasani Essence waters are delicious and not one bit unnatural. Plus these taste exactly how a glass of water with a spritz of lime/black cherry/strawberry & lime in it would taste. The new bottle shape is a diversion from the original Dasani bottle and reminds me a little of a milk bottle (reminding us it's all-natural and good for you in a subliminal way, perhaps?). Also, their website has some wonderful photography! Next time you are looking for water with just a little something extra (that isn't cancer-causing) I would see if your convenient store has this. My recommend? The Black Cherry Essence.

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Julie said...

sounds awesome!