April 8, 2009


Admittedly, I don’t have a Facebook account. Yes, I know that a million users join everyday but I am just not one of them (though I found out this past weekend that my Grandfather is a member. Yes, my 91 year-old Grandpa who has become all tech-savvy on his new Mac laptop has joined the Facebook revolution; even it was my cousin who signed him up and I who had to show him how to change a profile picture). I have resisted for far too long to really care by now. I will say I DO enjoy reading about the ever-growing social networking website and the ways it is trying to cater to its users and advertisers equally. At some point, one side is going to win out whether over money or privacy. This most recent reading came from (where else, but one of my favorite magazines) New York Magazine and not only am I enjoying the article but I was/am loving the artistic contribution. About 10 artists/designers were asked to take the generic “face” of Facebook (what it shows you look like to others when you haven’t put your profile picture up) and reimagine it. I love the outcome!

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Julie said...

how funny about your grandfather! my grama bought my grandad a Wii for Christmas and i thought that was the funniest thing ever.

i don't have a facebook account either. sometimes i can't even believe i have a blog. :)