April 17, 2009

Ben & Jerry: Two Great Guys in Ice Cream.

Ben & Jerry. What's not to love about this duo from Vermont? Not much, that's for sure. Not only is their brand really recognizable and has maintained it's cow visuals, cute illustrations and bright colors over the years, their clever copy writing and ice cream naming is something of creative beauty. Now they have opened up their creativity to us, the ice cream consumer, to come up with the next new, spirited and delicious flavor. Using their theme "Do the World a Flavor" you can go to their site and using their flavor generator (see images above of all of the possible combos!) come up with what might become a new ice cream pastime in kids cones and cups across America. Another great thing about this contest (and what I learned from the company on their site) is that they are also being globally active and using fair trade products from all across the world. Get your appetite, your imagination, and make up a flavor for the world!


sari said...

jen this style screams, you! of course your eys were drawn to it.

Julie said...

their ice cream is so good! when i was a kid, we'd go to burlington, vermont for family reunions and would tour their factory and overdose on samples!