December 12, 2007

How many Stellas did YOU drink this year?

Information make me swoon."Best Of" lists that come out at the end of each year to sum of the previous 365 (or 366, depending on a leap year) also make me happy. Put those two ideas together and you have The Feltron 2006 Annual Report. A unique compilation of how one New York City resident spent his time at work or on vacation, which concerts he went to and what he listened to, which restaurants he ate at, what percentage of his beer intake was Stella Artois, days he spent on jury duty, purchases he THAT puts me in design heaven. It is of course a beautifully designed and organized piece using only two colors and two fonts. After reading it all, it made me want to a) keep a journal like that for this year, see where and what I spent my time with, and what percentage of my alcoholic beverages contained vodka and b) ask his friends if it annoyed them that Nicholas kept a journal all day long writing down what he did at every moment of each day.

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