December 21, 2007

Eye Candy for the morning. Thanks Google.

I just went to Google to do a search, as I use this site about four times a day to end my curiosity over something, and to my pleasant surprise they have one of their fantastic little illustrations up around their logo! For me, its like a small jackpot for my eyes for the day (yes, I am a geeky graphic designer and get my thrills from little things like this). Usually they do these for all major holidays, the Olympics, Google's Birthday, and other dates of note. The ones I get most excited about are illustrations that make no sense to me; for example, Google's Birthday,there was a pinata in the shape of the number 9 in September. These force me to actually google (as in the verb) the Google (as in the proper noun) illustration. Talk about extreme irony. Today's is a little man being shot out of a cannon, but still attached to a red ribbon. What is this supposed to mean? It says "Happy Holidays from Google" when I roll over it with my mouse but being launched over the letter "o" doesn't seem very holiday spirited, does it?

After a little research (and no explanation) of the answer for today's puzzling illustration, I found out that the man who has had the fabulous job of doing these Google designs since the year 2000 is Dennis Hwang. Not only that, but I also found a link containing every Google illustration to grace its homepage since the site began! Double jackpot! I cease and desist my search for the meaning behind the cannon, because finding out there is a site that contains all of these graphics is answer enough.

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