December 20, 2007

Tracy got less Angst-y.

Tracy Bonham, when did you get soft(er) and less angst-ridden? I have been listening to your song "Whether You Fall" from your most recent 2005 album, Blink the Brightest, on Pandora almost everyday now for the past two weeks and must say I love it and even gave it the Pandora "thumbs up" (hence why it comes up on my radio station at least once a day). I remember the days in high school of playing your Burdens of Being Upright with the song "Mother, Mother" on repeat; loving that angry girl rock that came out of my CD player (that at the time, was still attached to a dual cassette deck). Shall I deduce that you grew up and decided to be more calmer? Whatever happened, I grew up with you and still am enjoying your music, so thanks. And thank YOU Pandora, my personal new music finder for leading me to Tracy's new songs.

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