December 26, 2007

A Glove Mission.

Raise your (cold) hand if you have lost a glove this year? I'm with you on that one and not only have lost my requisite "one glove a season" but have misplaced a pair of knitted gray mittens this December as well (yet I am still convinced the Dunkin' Donuts where I left them at mistakenly, has secretly stashed my hand warmers in a bin of munchkins). For those of you who have also lost mittens and gloves this year, may I direct your attention to a genius new website called One Cold Hand. Grad student Jennifer Gooch at Carnegie Mellon started a website dedicated to the reuniting of lost gloves all over Pittsburgh. Local businesses have drop boxes and Jennifer picks up the lost items, photographs them, puts them on her website stating by whom and where they were found, one-gloved people search the site for their missing mittens and *voila*! They are reunited! Talk about a Christmas miracle.

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