December 6, 2007

The accents get me every time.

A personal letter to Jude Law:

Dear Jude,

After seeing your 2006 movie "The Holiday" last night, I have decided I have possibly re-fallen back in love with you (only as an actor of course, as my true Hollywood love is reserved for Ryan Reynolds). Your character was charming and impeccably well-dressed and although you started out as the "drunk-guy-who-has-one-night-stands" you quickly turned into "dream man". Your openness for shedding a tear, your amazing parenting skills, and fearless way you told Cameron you were in love with her, has made me possibly forget your mistakes of 3 years ago.

Before making my re-declaration however, I have two requests to ask of you. First off, could you please from now on play roles where it requires you to have scenes with adorable little British children? Honestly, they could be saying anything, but when words escape from their mouths they drip with sugary sweetness yet sophistication, which is an incredible feat for a five year old. Secondly, is there any way you can go back in time and tell the casting director of of "Alfie" that you must turn down the role?

Jude, my love for your clear blue eyes, your accent and your sexy look started back in the day of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and continued through "I Heart Huckabees". It was during 2004, or The Year of Jude, when you made a tragic mistake and starred in that movie (Alfie) that you completely repulsed me. It wasn't only the movie, but it was your role in the movie that convinced me you WERE that guy (and as we saw in US Weekly after the movie premiered, you were) and not one I wanted to love anymore. Please take my pleas into consideration and I promise to see every movie you make from now on.

Who Sees the Seven

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