December 20, 2007

Personally, I like to run to JT.

Nike is a company I look up to as a designer and an athlete. I always said I would move to Portland, Oregon (that's where they are located) if they ever offered me a job in their design department and on the same note, if they ever asked me to be on their Nike+ website and tell them my PowerSong I would gladly oblige as well! They have this great section to their site (for some reason I can't link to but if you go here and then click on Gear & Music at the bottom and then "PowerSong" you will get to it) which of course is so well designed and features 8 athletes from all different sports (I have shown phenom soccer player Freddy Adu, but there is also father-of-the-year Tom Brady, and biker-turned-runner Lance Armstrong) and asks them what their favorite PowerSong is. That song that REALLY gets you going. Come on, you know you all have one that makes you finish that extra mile outside in the cold, that last lap on the stationery bike, or another set of bicep curls. I am not ashamed to admit it, but any Justin Timberlake song does it for me.

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adesignaffair said...

I'm loving your site. As you know I also get motivated now to work out to a Timb also - Timbaland! keep writing :-)