December 22, 2007

If my design professors could see me now...

...I think they would revoke my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I don't want to sound ungrateful to be working at a design assignment, because I am not. However, my projects for the past few days have consisted of designing an ethics handbook, a fake "report cover" to be placed in a PowerPoint slide to only be seen by the two people in the meeting who have not fallen asleep by the time they get to said slide, and making cartoon lightning come out of a hand to signify "pain". Yes, folks, design life as I know it is at its low. This time of year is not the best to be looking for fulltime work in any industry and I know that and as a result must make do with the freelance work I am given. I also must realize that I created my own destiny by leaving my last job at the ad agency and focus on the fact that I am a happier person not selling my soul to the devil by working in advertising. In the meantime I shall remain positive, update up my resume, and enjoy working for once in my life at a company that lets me leave at 6 while not giving me dirty looks on the way out. Other reasons I like about my current situation (of which will be a 6-8 week assignment):
  • They have those single-serving coffee machines and fun flavors such as Caramel Vanilla Nut, French Vanilla, Hazelnut.
  • I have a 5 minute walk from my apartment to the office.
  • Due to the close walk, I go home for lunch where I eat leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches. This helps me save money so I can afford health insurance every month because I have no fulltime employer to pay for it; although I really do love PB&J.
  • There is a very large window to my right. This is big for me. At one point in my life, I worked in a basement and never knew what the weather was or that daylight savings time had kicked in.
  • Did I mention I can leave at 6 without anyone batting an eyelash?

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