December 27, 2007

I love Peeps too!

{mini diary by Marta Designs}

In my opinion, there is nothing greater than finding an inspiration. Whether that comes to you through a person, a photograph, an article, a book, a song, or just a dream, its nice that although you might be staring out the window at the rainy street four floors below an hour before quittin' time that you can stumble upon something that makes you excited and ready to take on the world. Although this world of blogging can seem to some fairly frivolous, to me it has started to open me to ideas and inspirations. I don't remember what path I took to get to her blog, but I found a kindred spirit in Martha Writes. She is a beautiful and inspiring writer with an eye for a good photo, and a designer to boot! I read many posts on her site and have decided that if I could have a voice like that to all of my postings, that I would be a happy poster (yes, I just used three different tenses of the word "post" in one sentence. Call Websters.). Not only that, but she sells some of her designed creations and one which I must have! It is a mini diary and more exciting than the title may imply; it is a Mad Libs meets beautiful diary with blanks for entries all about your 5 senses that day. What an incredible idea for capturing what you smell, see, taste, touch, and hear that day. Imagine looking back on that in months or years to come? The one I have shown here is filled in with her fabulous handwriting and although her website says she is sold out, I am planning on buying one in the new year when her stock is replenished. (*A message to Marta: I love soft Peeps too and in fact just ate a few too many Snowmen and Christmas Tree Peeps last weekend. My first Christmas ones; usually I just eat the bunnies around Easter.)

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