December 3, 2007

The Typography Tour was here!

[photo taken by Karen Horton]

Being a tourist in your own city is one of the greatest ways to really get to know the area you live in. I am sure you have all done the usual go-to spots with friends and family, so this time why wait until your cousin Gertie's next visit to you (where you will no doubt stand in line for the Statue of Liberty boat tour) and take the tourist matters into your own hands. The AIGA-sponsored Typography Tour on Saturday, September 29th was here and a way that some got to know their city and maybe their love for a great ligature. This tour was sold out and I was unfortunately away for the weekend, but keep an eye out and maybe next fall you can get closer (kern a bit, maybe?) to your type! In case you missed it, here are some great photos from Karen Horton and what she saw on the tour. I love the inlaid tiling here from the Bowery Savings Bank.

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