December 21, 2007

The Random Run-In Ringleaders.

I am convinced that above the skyscrapers of Manhattan and the penthouse roofs, are a group of at least five hundred people who sit at their computers up in the sky and have lists and lists of all inhabitants of New York City plugged into multiple Excel documents. Then they hit random numbers on their magical keyboards (and if I knew how to use Excel, I would probably know which keys these were) which makes one person from column A run into another person from column B. Their motives are sometimes spite-oriented: the cheated on ex-boyfriend runs into his ex-girlfriend when she is having a bad hairdo on her head and he is having a hot new girlfriend on his arm. Sometimes the motives are friend & family-oriented: those who have been trying to make plans for so long and finally need to see each other to remind themselves they MUST stop letting the insanity of NYC get in the way. Often the magical typists just enjoy a good laugh: the former employee sees her former witch of a boss getting pooped on by her own witch of a dog on the street corner. And sometimes just sometimes, up in the sky, they have no reason at all but just love seeing people run into each other at those times when neither least expects it. So next time it seems you have taken a different avenue to work, a different train to the gym, a different time to leave your apartment, or a different venue for your usual Thursday night drinks and which has thus led to a run-in, just look up and shake your head at the magical typists in the sky – the Random Run-In Ringleaders. Even if you don't live in New York City, don't worry, there are chapters of these Ringleaders all over the world ready to make you run into your former coworker, boss, hair stylist, roommate, boyfriend, etc. Just enjoy it.

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