August 28, 2008

Bananas & Laundry.

Two more firsts for me here this morning:

1. My first banana (in Spain). The reason I give this any mention at all is because the bananas here are eaten when it is still partially green on the skin outside. Strange, right? In the US a green banana would signify not nearly ripe but I just had a half-green and half-yellow banana and it is perfect! Who knew? Well, I didn’t so I had asked my roommate Andrea the other day.

2. My first load of laundry. It is pretty sweet that we have a washing machine in the kitchen, I must say. I always joke with NYCers that we will know we have “made it” one day when we have laundry INSIDE our apartment. Well, I don’t think I have made it by any means but I guess it makes up for not having internet, right? I am not sure if they make dryers in Barcelona because when I went to the store to get laundry tablets for the wash I did not see one dryer sheet; not that I would need any because there is no dryer here – just the natural Barcelona breeze coming through my flat and wafting over the drying rack! I did hang my sheet outside since it was too long to hang from the rack and I pray to god when I come back to the flat later that a) it is dry and ready for bed and b) no birds mistook it for toilet paper.

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