August 23, 2008

The Barri Gotic.

Plaza Real

Catedral de la Seu

Some funny looking faces next to faucets.

A beautiful lampost.

Fun typography - it took me awhile to have NO people in this shot.

Today was the first day that I felt REALLY here. It was the first day I wasn’t doing “housekeeping” kinds of things like buying a pillow, finding an apartment, moving into an apartment, calling the bank, etc. I think it’s because it started off with the normalcy of grocery shopping and making breakfast and then into my first sightseeing trip to the Barrî Gotic area of the city.

Barrî Gotic has the oldest gothic architecture in Barcelona and was really quite incredible. My roommate Sonia and I walked around and around the narrow streets taking in everything with our eyes and camera lenses. Some wonderful photos I captured were of the Catedral de la Seu, Plaza Jaume, Plaza Real (those who I work with will note that this is the same Plaza that I have had as my desktop image for the past few months – I must also say that it was much better in person), some great store signage, and beautiful lampposts (I have recently found out that I am a little obsessed with them and you will for sure be seeing a lot).

The afternoon ended with a discovery of a delicious Catalan restaurant called Bell Amic (Catalan is what over half of Barcelona speaks. Catalonia used to be its own entity separate from Spain. When Franco took control of Spain he made Catalonians speak only Spanish and since his fall from power they have done all they can to bring it back to life…that was my quick Barcelona history lesson for you. As for the food and language; it’s a little French, a little Spanish, and a little something else.). We learned from the chef that the structure the restaurant was in actually used to be connected to all of the buildings on the block. You could see the discoloration in the walls where it looked as if there was an arched ceiling of some sort and it turns out the place used to export wine to the United States.

The day finished with Sonia and I at my favorite plaza bar doing some emailing and chatting. I have just finished uploading the photos from the day to my computer and typing this in hopes my eyes get tired so I can fall asleep before 1am…

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