August 27, 2008

To the sea!

I started my day yesterday thinking that I would just sit back, relax, and do some reading and writing. Well, I have found since arriving to this new city that you can do just that but must go see something new otherwise it seems a wasted day (which I know isn’t true and I know its something that by the end of this trip will be all I will want to do).

Yesterday afternoon I decided to hop on the Metro and go down to the water and see Port Vell (actually, I went down with only intentions of sitting outside and reading; though the weather was very overcast as you will see in my photos) and walk around Barceloneta. Port Vell is the area near the water which contains L’Aquarium and this large and long dock to walk out into to get a better view of the sea (of which I have decided to save for another day). It also is a huge marina used for docking mostly private boats and a few commercial sight-seeing ones. It was nice down there and after taking many pictures (of course!) I decided to sit and read my book along a concrete step and look out into the marina and watch the people pass.

After reading for some time I got up and continued my walk to find Barceloneta which I did. It’s the beach in Barcelona and it is man-made. There are a lot of surf shops and restaurants which are supposed to have some of the best seafood in the city served.

I have realized a few things about Barcelona in the past week but one is that it is very contained. Every neighborhood seems to border every other neighborhood and even for someone like me who can get lost in their own hometown, I have seemed to find my way around with no problem. The Metro is really easy to use and if you can see the ocean, you know which way you are going essentially. I guess I am used to Manhattan where you need to take a 30 minute subway ride from any area to another and even with so many neighborhoods in between. Its nice to come to a new city and not feel overwhelmed by its geography.

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