August 24, 2008

La Playa (beach)!

The trifecta of beautiful church, the mountains AND the sea

Some great blue and white umbrellas on the beach. Not sure if you can tell how CROWDED it was!

Just another example of the attention to detail in Spain – street signs were done in beautiful ceramic tiles.

One of the streets we took to walk to the beach (only about 10 mins) from the train station

A beautiful clock tower in the center of the town

A perfect day at the beach in Spain today! Sonja, myself, and Anna (Sonja’s coworker who is also a student in Germany) took the train from Barcelona 25 minutes south to a resort-y beach town called Sitges (pronounced Seet-jase) known for it’s international gay community that visits the area. It was small and quaint with a beautiful chapel in between the mar (the sea) and the mountains (first picture shown here). When we first arrived, in fact, next to the church fireworks started going off to celebrate what we think was a wedding (to be honest, I think fireworks at 12:30 in the afternoon are slightly pointless as all you can do is see white smoke and hear POP!).

The water was perfectly warm and the air was hot. I am happy to say that I did not get any sunburns for my first Mediterranean beach-ing experience (Dad, yes of course, I used sunscreen. Aren’t you proud?).

This beach was like none other I had ever been to and maybe because I have never been to a beach outside of the US (other than the Bahamas and Israel) so I have no other European beaches to compare it to. These were things that I observed that I thought were quite different from the states:

1. There was only room for three towels length-wise from the sea wall and the ocean
2. There were some topless women
3. There were many men in Speedos
4. There were only a couple of people that were overweight
5. There were Brits who brought a thermos of hot water and loose tea and promptly at 4pm began brewing

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