August 25, 2008

Sagrada Familia.

Obligatory shot of the whole Sagrada Familia though it doesn’t even do it justice (and I think I should have walked around to the other side to get a fuller photo sans the trees which I realized once I uploaded these pictures).

The entrance had many sculptures of biblical references; this was one of about 5 that I took photos of.

One of the two gorgeous stained glass windows that I had access to (much of the interior is taken over by construction).

My far one of my favorites of the day – there were two doors FULL of what seemed like old-fashioned typeset letters. Not many full sentences; just words juxtaposed next to each other with some higher than others to stand out. Who knew Gaudi was a graphic designer too?

One of the views out of the round spires (those are the stone pieces to the left and right framing the photo) I was up inside; the sea and Montjuic in the distance (and as you can see it wasn’t very sunny today).

The Sagrada Familia is where I spent my afternoon today! For my parents and others who haven’t heard of this grand structure, it is Antonio Gaudi’s most well-known piece as a working architect. His work can be seen all around Barcelona but this one piece was his most grand. Not only is it famous because he worked on it, but more so because the project started in 1882 and is STILL being worked on today. Literally, when I was there construction was taking place. Gaudi had the opportunity to work on this masterpiece for 40 years until his unexpected death when he was hit by a car on the street. From what I have read, Barcelona mourned and then as their devotion to the man, dedicated their time and money to finishing the Sagrada Familia in his honor. I can only imagine that when it is completed there will be festivals for weeks all over the city.

I have only shown you a handful of photos but it was seriously incredible though in my opinion the exterior is far more beautiful than the interior. Each piece of this huge temple’s façade has been carefully designed, which includes many different materials and processes.

Being inside was pretty amazing but the best part was getting to take a lift up to the top of one of the spires and seeing the view of Barcelona below. I had a view of everything between Sagrada Familia and the sea. The hour-long wait behind a German family and in front of a French couple was definitely worth it. As I was pondering getting into a line that had markers (a la Disney World) saying “90 minutes” or “60 minutes” I realized that this was a prime example of why this trip I am on is so great; because I have an hour to kill to stand in line to get up to the top of the Sagrada Familia. It was definitely worth the time and I also got to do some writing when I reached the benches (benches = close to the front). When you are done at the top you can decide to talk the lift back down or walk down; I chose the walk which was nice because there are a few stopping points where you can go outside for views you didn’t see at the top. The downside was that spiral staircase was really narrow and quite dizzying!

Sagrada Familia means "Church of the Holy Family" (Matt, you will be happy to know I looked up the meaning)

*I took about 90 pictures here today and am only sharing about 5 of my favorites. There was SO many things to photograph on, in, and around one building!

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adesignaffair said...

Love the typset image. I didn't remember that detail when I visited! Can't wait for you to see Parc Guell.