August 20, 2008

Quality time at the Dublin airport...

The only thing I took from Ireland; aside from a stamp on my passport.

The Dublin Airport is everything I thought it would be and greener. Literally every store and every sign is green and white. I survived the first leg of my flight, despite my knees being a little sore as well as my ears (god that woman in front of me was chatty with her new seatmate Dennis), from NYC to Dublin and have about an hour to kill before I need to go downstairs to the gate where my final leg of my trip is departing from. That was the longer of my two legs and I look forward to a flight that will be under three hours. This airport is pretty funny in that parts of it seem brand new while other seem rather dated.

At the ATM I withdrew my first Euro. Pretty exciting. Except two things; 1. The machine told me I could take 70 but then two steps later told me it had to be in multiples of fifty and 2. Because the machine gave me only one bill of 50 Euros no one here would let me break it to buy a water which I desperately needed. Eventually the woman at the bookstore said she would take my debit card.

There is a man with a yoga mat in the downward dog position a bit over to my left and slightly behind a currently unused gate B24 desk. Part of me wants to join in and part of me wants to pass out as I can feel my eyes are fairly heavy. I think I slept on the flight because at one point I awoke to a four foot three Irish woman placing my airline pillow back on my chest as I guess it had fallen into the aisle and was impeding her way to the bathroom.

First European colloquialism I have heard: Lines are queues. “Please step to the queue on your left” was what directed to me as I was going through security after having my passport stamped “DUBLIN”. Wish I could stay here for a little while as it’s funny to me that I am staring out the window at a darkened Irish sky and won’t be seeing anything in this country at this moment in time.

Though the clock on my Mac says it is 12:45am I am feeling like it is nowhere near that time and am unsure how I will feel once I land in Barcelona. The sun is going to be up and I am going to be on my way to the Hostal Oliva. I want to try and keep my body on this new time zone and going to bed anytime before 8 most likely isn’t going to help that.

Off to gate B31 to see about boarding a plane to Spain!

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astern said...

I'm loving the updates! keep it up!