August 27, 2008

To market!

Ahhh, the most famous market in Barcelona that I am slightly embarrassed to say I first learned about from Rachael Ray (why couldn’t I have seen Anthony Bourdain there first?!) on her show “Tasty Travels” back in February. As a cook she of course loved it and since hearing about it from her, every guidebook I have read or person that I have spoken to that’s been to Barcelona has agreed ¬– it is a must-see! So, after some lunch post-museum going yesterday, I headed down Las Ramblas (that stretch of outdoor vendors going through the center of Barcelona via one long street from Plaza Catalunya to the waterfront that is lined on either side by trees that I mentioned a few posts ago. I haven’t walked the entire street yet but instead of done segments depending on where I am going) and found my way to the Mercat de la Boqueria.

Well, I have been to the two main markets here in Gracia and those are pretty impressive in their own right but la Boqueria? Well, that was in a WHOLE other league of markets! From the moment I stepped in and saw the hanging cured meats on my right (Matt, I thought instantly that will most likely be your first stop when you come here), the mounds of perfectly arranged fruit a little ahead on my right, and little squares one after another of dried fruits, nuts, and candy ahead to my right, I couldn’t help but feel my jaw drop over the sight of everything. As I walked around from stall to stall taking pictures of almost everything that was being showcased, it was a visual explosion of colors, an assault on my nostrils, and an infiltration of my ears. I didn’t even buy anything except for a fresh fruit drink of kiwi, banana and coconut (that’s the big seller at the fruit vendors, 10oz cups of all different fresh fruit blends). It was delicious and I definitely plan on going back to buy groceries because its by far the best shopping atmosphere and most things there were very inexpensive. I would also like to go back and sit at the famous bar there to get a meal that is supposed to be a favorite of locals and visitors alike (though I am not sure which one it is and have to consult some travel articles again. I thought it was Boqueria Bar at the time I took this photo yesterday but I’m not sure)

Since I can’t upload more than about 5 photos per posting (which is probably good so I don’t bore you all with endless pictures) I had to do some photo editing and designing for you to really see what I saw. As always, you can click on an image to see it bigger!


The Date Experiencer said...

Heya! You know, the locals ONLY shop at the markets for produce and most of their food.....supermarkets and indoor stores are very american - I encourage you to step into the market madness.............xoxoxoxEls

Anonymous said...

I am happy you went there, I go nowhere else for my fruits, meat and cheese. You should also check out the restaurant on the back of the market on the side of the parking lot. The don't look much but are really nice for an afternoon lunch and some cold drinks. I really think you captured the vibes of the market in your photos - good on you! I've just started my blog recently if you would like to take at look at

Craig said...


I am glad to know that you are an Anthony Bourdain supporter vs. Rachel Ray.


astern said...

i love, love, LOVE this market. it was one of my favorite parts of Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

I love the veggie paella at the Organic is Orgasmic stand at the market.