August 22, 2008

My first problema.

This will forever be the place in Barcelona that reminds me that Bank of America has the best customer service ever In case anyone was planning to go on vacation, double-check that you tell your bank that you are going (and not just your credit card company…even if it is the same) otherwise they will be awesome police and notice “irregular activity” and put a stop on that “thief” (aka YOU) who has been trying to withdraw Euros from the ATM so they can pay their rent and eat.

I won’t go through the whole story but let’s just say that after I posted earlier about being all calm and comfortable at Verreina Bar and drinking my café, I had the first obstacle in my trip (of which I am sure there will be a few more) which involved using up my minutes left on my phone card while talking to the bank customer service (the first call), not being able to BUY a card because my ATM card was inaccessible and some places don’t take credit cards, having to use my last Euros to call the bank (my second call) from the tourist information office in Plaza Catalunya only to have the machine eat my money and my call to not go through, eventually getting my card up and running via a third call (and where the picture above was taken in honor of), THEN having Duetche Bank not allow me to take any money out (resulting in a fourth call to the bank).

This story ends well as I was able to withdraw some funds from a bank in my neighborhood around 5:30 and rewarded myself with a bocadillo de espinache (sandwich with spinach among other vegetables and raisins) and a lovely glass of sangria; ending the fast that had been my day since I had no euros for anything but café and an apple.

*Photos above are from Plaza Catalunya (the first was where I was standing when the wonderful man who works in the security department at the bank told me they would take the hold off my account); the main Plaza in Barcelona that is tourist central!

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