August 13, 2008

A party that's not in the Plan.

Scenes from a Fiesta a year or so again (found online here)

La Fiesta de Gracia is the biggest annual party in Barcelona. Not only is this supposed to be the most raucous celebration of the year in Barcelona (a city known for its parties in a country that defines celebration) but it happens to be in the neighborhood that I have been planning on living while in Spain. I learned about this fiesta earlier in the year during preliminary research and had some reason found a website that told me it ended on the 15th of August so I decided it would be responsible to land in Barcelona about 5 days later to give prospective roommates time to post their available apartments online. Well, well, well, didn’t I look up the Fiesta de Gracia this afternoon and find out that the biggest party of the city is going to be ending only my SECOND day in Barcelona?! No one is going to want to show their apartment for renting at this time; they are going to be busy drinking sangria and nursing the hangover they have had for the past week and shaking the confetti out of their hair!

Spain Challenge #1*: finding a place to live.

*This just got a little more challenging. Who knew a party could thwart my plans?!


Barcelona Apartments said...

The fiestas in Gracia are great!! think las fallas in Valencia but on amuch more miniature scale! Al,of the local rags have random comments of the neighbours complaining about not sleeping for a week (and I have a good friend who can testify to that!) but it's such a great week and almost seems like you're in another city!
Geat choice for living (I lived there when I first arrived to BCN) and you'll love it. Great blog, too! ;o)

Craig said...

thank you. I appreciate the encouragement. I think, now, that i will read yours, and good luck on your adventure. If you need any help/advice/anything feel free to drop a line or an email.