August 23, 2008


My happy English-speaking phone

My bedroom (yes, that is a single bed)

The bathroom. Funny seeing that extra piece of porcelain. And the toilet pulls to flush. Not pushes.

The living room/kitchen with a little balcony

The kitchen is SO nice and bright.

A happy phone is a phone in English (at least for me). Since buying my cell phone here on Tuesday it has been in Spanish and I have only been able to figure out what a few things mean; not that I am making that many phone calls but I would like to know how to change settings, etc. I thought that having a phone with Spanish prompts and buttons would be good learning but I have decided that I will learn Spanish other ways and I want my phone in MY language (of which I have not heard at ALL since I have been here; with the exception of speaking to my German roommates inside our flat).

A big muchas gracias goes out to the guy that works in the tech department at The Phone House (yes, that is really the name of it) across the street.

*I thought that not only would I show you a picture of my happy English-speaking phone, but also some photos from my flat.