August 29, 2008

My second playa...

View to the south towards Barcelona

All that I really need for a day at the beach (plus some sun and clear ocean water)

The train whizzing by!

Yesterday was a beach day again as after sight-seeing all day on Wednesday and seeing as the weather was too perfect (and I had a recommend for a beach a little closer to Barcelona), I decided to do some laundry and then pack my bag of towel, suntan lotion, a peach, my book, my journal and a pen and head to the train station.

The travel to this beach, Masnou, was defintitely closer than Sitges (after I got on the correct train. A very nice gay Spanish couple showed me to a very nice older Spanish woman who told me which train to take. In fact, as we were waiting for the train to come, two others came in its tracks and each time one stopped, she looked at it and shook her head so I would know not to get on. People here are very kind!

Masnou is just north of Barcelona and it is positioned just so on the geography that is the Costa Brava that when you are on the beach you can look south and see the city! It was pretty spectacular and definitely going to be my go-to playa from now on and in fact Sonja and I will be heading there on Sunday! The water was crystal clear and the sand more plentiful than Sitges. There were mostly families there, which is fine by me, and the only noise was really from the train as it rumbled by once every ten to fifteen minutes in either direction (though sometimes they would cross paths simultaneously). As opposed to Sitges, one doesn’t have to sit directly towel to towel with their neighbors; though I am unsure if this is a beach difference or a day difference (beaches on Sundays tend to be more crowded than those on Thursdays).

Above are just a few pictures of the beach and view to the south of my new (temporary) home city!

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