August 26, 2008

Dos discoveries for the morning.

This is actually not from this morning but from my first day. It just seemed to go with what I was talking about and felt I had artistic license to use it. The cafe and croissant here are much better than this one that is pictured.

I have had two wonderful discoveries here so far this morning. The first is that my overhead light in my bedroom actually DOES work. It is a large plastic half-dome thing that I had just thought had a broken bulb. Well, those who know me know I am klutzy and wouldn’t you know I knocked my arm into the lamp by mistake this morning while getting dressed...and LIGHT!

The second discovery I am at right now; a coffee shop that I have walked by every day since I have been here, at least twice a day as it’s only 4 blocks from my flat. They play American music (Katie, you would be happy to know that Michael Jackson is on as I type this) as do most establishments around here which just boggles my mind. Other reasons I love it is that it has Wi-Fi, great café and croissant, and a nice staff. My only issue here is that there is smoking allowed. And people do. In fact, here in Spain, I have noticed that they smoke everywhere and anywhere; even if there are signs saying “NO FUMAR” (NO SMOKING). Oh well, what can I do but deal with it and put it on my short list (so far) of things I miss about the United States.

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