March 12, 2009

I Think I Want This.

Apple, I love you. Why do you tempt and tease me with new, sleek inventions? You know I still have your brick of an iPod from 2005 (the click wheel) and am holding on strong. You know that I take it with me on all of my runs and it endures the elements like I do – when I sweat, it sweats; when I freeze (like this morning), it freezes (poor lil' Pod). However, if it was smaller and sleeker and the size of a AA battery (as Apple says) like this new Shuffle is, I might have been able to keep my hands in my sleeves and not gotten near-frostbite on my fingers because I would not have been holding my large, cold iPod brick from 2005. Just a thought, just a thought.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

this made me smile. :) isn't the new little guy sweet??