March 13, 2009

In My Bowl.

Ironic that I just posted about milk and now I am talking about cereal. Though I guess this is not ironic considering how much I love that crunchy goodness that tumbles into my bowl for breakfast (or dinner sometimes. Or at 11pm a la last night after a few hours out in Brooklyn). I saw this new Kashi cereal at the grocery store the other and kind of loved it natural brown paper bag material with the bright "U". Not sure what the "U" represents, but I am okay with it. I also am pretty excited about the absence of a bowl of cereal in the center of it. Way to think outside the (cereal) box!


Gypsy Lynne said...

Yum! I haven't seen that before but will be looking out for it!!

adesignaffair said...

Box is featured in GD USA this month!