March 3, 2009

Running Motivation.

Copy on the bottom left reads: "No matter where I run, he always seems to find me. That side of me that whispers “faster” into my ear. That side of me that likes taking the long route with all the big hills. It’s hard running with your alter ego, particularly when he’s as sadistic as mine."

From the NYC Marathon 2007 (the series was all about random people that make of the NYC cityscape who help you run)

My friends will tell you I am a runner. My parents will tell you I am a runner. My coworkers will tell you I am a runner. However, folks, this new bout of fresh snow and icy cold air has deterred my running a bit and made me question that noun that usually follows my name. I am trying to get back to great running shape by motivating myself with a half marathon in just under three months and I can't for the life of me get my behind out of bed in the mornings on these cold days. Plus, I am human (and klutzy) and will most likely wipe out on the street via the ice that has caked itself to the Brooklyn sidewalks. How to get myself motivated in this weather predicament. How to get myself out of bed at a little after 6am at least four times a week from now until May 30. How? Well, step one I decided was to check back at some motivating running ads from Asics (specifically during the 2007 NYC Marathon which I ran. And back then I WAS getting up 4 times a week). Leave it to the smart people at the ad agencies for running gear to boost my motivation. Or at least my legs out of bed.

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ktracy said...

Yay Jen you can do it!! Check this out for more motivation:

Or you know your a runner when:

Someone Josh works with just asked me to do the Northwest Ragnar Relay with them. 187 miles overnight running 12 people to a team. Sounds like fun huh?