March 2, 2009

Snow Day with My Favorite Californian Teenagers.

I found out I have a 2-hour delayed opening at work (after already getting out of bed in sleep-haze and getting my yawning-self into the shower) and the first thing I thought of was that I get to watch Saved by the Bell! My laundry needs putting away, my nails need painting, and I am sure it wouldn't hurt to do some reading of Sunday's NY Times. However, until 9am, the only thing I can concentrate on is Zach and Kelly's tumultuous relationship, as well as Slater's biceps and Jessie's studies, and last but not least, Lisa's shopping addiction and Screech's overall oddness. I feel bad for current and future teenagers that won't have a show that comes even close to how wonderfully cheesy this 90s sitcom (which, of course is my 3rd favorite show of all time).

*PS. It's the episode where Screech gets hit by lightning and all of sudden has the power to see the future.

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