March 10, 2009

What Color Blue Exactly?

As I was perusing the newest Real Simple Magazine I found this ad for the new Benjamin Moore paint called Ben. I love how they have softened their image with not only this ad campaign but also with their name. Ben is a bit more approachable and someone I might actually let come into my living room with his paint set. Benjamin Moore sounds very professional and all, but I think Ben would get the job from me if the two were up against each other.

Another reason I loved this ad so much was because it's story reminded me of a writing exercise in elementary school we had done involving picking our favorite color and writing all about it; what objects, people, foods, items in nature have this color. It was an assignment I still remember and in fact, the color I had chosen was blue!

1 comment:

adesignaffair said...

Yay monmouth country! Yeah Jersey Shore. Need a printed ad!