March 6, 2009

Nature Matching System (only second best to my love of Pantone).

I never walk near Port Authority here in NYC if I don't have to. In fact, I will take any route possible to stay far away from it (which is usually possible since I am rarely over there on the west side). However, yesterday after work I found myself in the area on my way to a dress shop and between being jostled around by New Yorkers on their way to the subway, on their way to happy hour, on their way to being in MY way, I looked up and saw something wonderful on the side of the Port Authority building – Nature Matching System! Masses of color blocks standing side by side, separated by white and with color numbers in their bottom left corner (and the very same thing I had seen in DUMBO over the summer while walking around).

I of course decided to stand in the middle of the sidewalk in awe of the amazing colors and the reasoning behind it (colors driven by nature with one board telling WHERE/WHAT the colors came from; ie. Lemons, Asparagus, Apples). Taking note of the company that put it all together and I checked out their fantastic website this morning and there are some great things worth seeing on it. Check it out!

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wide open spaces said...

oooh - i love this. i have an unnatural love for pantone.