March 17, 2009

New West or Nine Balance?

Just popped into Nine West because my current black heels have been killing my feet in ways that this runner does not want to have her feet hurt. I am convinced either the shoes have been enlarged by half a size or my foot has shrunk. Either way, my puppies are not happy. I did not find any shoes that I wanted to even try one BUT I did see that New Balance has partnered up with Nine West for a new athletic-inspired shoe line. They even gave themselves a mascot, Nwbi, who is a bit Japanimation-looking (not sure how I feel about that).

Not sure if New Balance has plans to do more than sneakers with Nine West but I would LOVE it if they could find a way to put their cushy souls into some of those pointy toe heels or rounded open-toe. And maybe while they are at it, take the height of the heel down by an inch?

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