March 11, 2009

Jen (to the 11th power)

I both love and am jealous about this. I want in the club (I am an artistic Jennifer, too)! What a great concept and it makes me think about what other commonalities there might be about other names (ie. are most Tiffanys fashionable? Do most Caitlins paint exceptionally well? Do Saris like to hand-make crafts? etc, etc).

From the site:

"The exhibition was born from both a serious curiosity and a simple novelty. Have members of this Jen-eration unknowingly grown into a common artistic sensibility? Have they become creators of culture in in their own particular way? The following show can be understood as a unique experiment or as commentary, by Jennifer on Jennifer. She began with the fashion of a name and now moves through a rather complex like, always shaping and being shaped by her culture."

~ Jennifer Khoshbin

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adesignaffair said...

they need to invite YOU to join :-)