May 14, 2009

All Mine.

Just read this post from the Scoop and I had to go on and see what it was all about. Amazing concept that makes me want to sign up (which I just did about 3 minutes ago) but at the same time makes me fear for magazines published everywhere. If the public can one day totally customize, then why will we need individual magazines? That's not my personal opinion, but when I think some publishers might think. I love magazines like I love books; I love holding them, flipping through their pages, watching them pile up in our living room (okay, Matt may not like that part) or lining them up in our bookshelves and going back to them for ideas and inspiration later on.

The idea is that you get to pick from these 8 magazines (that I have shown above) and answer 5 quick questions, fill in your name, address, and birthdate and within two weeks you will get one of 5 free issues of Mine, your customized magazine. It is currently being produced by Time Magazine and sponsored also by Lexus (they might think that by sponsoring my new magazine that I might want to buy one of their cars; little do they know I live in Brooklyn and take public transit). It takes selected articles from current issues and combines them into one just for you – with section separators (a page which says the name of the magazine that those articles that follow will be from) and a table of contents too! Pretty incredible, huh? I picked Real Simple, InStyle, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, and Money. We'll see what happens!

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