May 28, 2009

Even NY State Senate Needs a Creative!

Christopher Sealey, newly appointed Creative Director of the NY State Senate (photo from NY Magazine)

I love stories about creatives found in unlikely places. It just goes to prove the point that my professors were always making in college – design is everywhere. AND, more importantly, it is NEEDED everywhere! Where is one of the last places you might find a creative director? At the New York State Senate in Albany? Good guess, you're right! They just hired a design pro, Christopher Sealey, to help them brand the Senate through design, photography and multimedia.

Go designers, go!

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Urban Flea said...

That's awesome, and what a great picture! I've always thought we should have a Secretary of the Arts, we've certainly got a secretary for everything else! Thanks so so much for the comment, I really really appreciate it! Cheers my dear!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)