May 5, 2009

Sarasota Selects.

Clockwise from left: sticker on the pack of a truck in the marina parking lot, view off the boat as we were leaving port, the bait of the day, my fishing rod ready-to-go (which, unfortunately, caught nothing but the hook of another fisher on our boat – twice – seriously, I'm not kidding)

An incredibly large statue of the "nurse and sailor" at the marina. Seriously large, like bigger than the palm trees big, if you can't tell.

Lunch at the crab shack! I wish I could remember the name of the restuarant...but this is the view off the back deck (on the right).

Great collection of old Polish circus/art posters, called CYRK, at the Ringling Art Museum

The mini circus: people in their seats, people buying tickets and going into the sideshow, the best part of the show – the trapeze artists!

I know I was in Sarasota, Florida over a month ago but I finally got around to color-correcting and uploading them ALL as of last night. We did an assortment of activities including a fishing boat trip (on pretty rough Gulf waves that almost had both of us sick but did end up with Matt catching 3 lil' fish), a trip to the art museum to see a crazy awesome exhibit on the circus (including a perfect scale model of the circus and all of its tents and cars; put together over a span of 50 years!), a drive down Lido Key for some stone crab at a laid back crab shack on the bay, and all in all just having a nice, warm time down south with my amazing Grandparents.

Next trip: Austin, Texas this weekend! Live music capital of the world and the home of my brother. We can't wait and hope to have some fun photos to share (a lot sooner than these FL ones) of some BBQ and great outdoors. What will two city dwellers like Matt and I do? My friend Audra warns me that I won't want to come back home to Brooklyn. We will see...

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Julie said...

you will LOVE LOVE LOVE austin! i can't wait to hear what you think!!