May 5, 2009

The Gum Got Me.

I hate when I become a typical consumer. I hate when I succumb to marketing techniques that I listen to day in and day out and KNOW they are there really just to fool the person buying the products. I hate it when I forget all that I know about the tricks that package designers use to make me pick up their 3D object and say "Wow! I need this new ____". Alas, in the end we are all consumers, right? Even designers and marketers.

Last weekend I became the latest victim of the "new packaging WOW factor" and was convinced by the designers and marketers at Orbit gum to purchase their latest box o'fun called Orbit Mist. They have fun fruity flavors like watermelon (which yes, indeed, tastes just like those Jolly Ranchers of the 90s) which is the one I bought. It was tasty, it had bursts of flavor (like it promised), but to be honest, it wasn't chewable for that long and I wouldn't buy it again. I must say, everytime I open the package, I still get excited. The exterior has some fun design elements as well as embossing and the interior has these crazy swirls as well as on the gum wrappers themselves!

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