May 11, 2009

Austin Rocked!

Suzanna Choffel – my new favorite singer; taken by at the Brew-B-Que

This past weekend it was oh so fantastic to see my brother, explore a new city with Matt and really get to see what Austin, Texas was all about. Lots of photos were taken – inspiration abounded through my camera lens. It is quite amazing that when I leave NYC and head somewhere new, my shutter finger can't stop taking in the delight of the new, different and sometimes common beauty that resides in other cities that have become wallpaper in my own. Austin was no different though there were lots of uncommon beauty there too, including the sunburn that I achieved from one full day outdoors involving kayaking down the Colorado River and playing Pitch 'n Putt in 95-degree sun.

I, of course, don't have photos yet uploaded but wanted to share a fabulous new singer that I saw perform on Saturday afternoon at Austin's first annual Brew-B-Que (yes, it was everything you could imagine something with that name might be – beer, barbeque, live music, live sawing demonstrations, log rolling, chihuahua races, beer pong competitions, barbeque competitions, and of course, lots of sun). Her name is Suzanna Choffel and I am on the hunt for her music online (of which I found her MySpace page with 5 full song tracks as well as through iTunes Music Store). My goal is actually an actual CD that I can hold in my hand, purchased at the Virgin store in Union Square. I know, I might be one of the only people you know who still likes to buy non-digital music. There is something still wonderful about opening up that plastic case and digging into the booklet tucked inside the front cover of the CD case that I love. Anyhow, I recommend you take a listen to her and be on the lookout for more Austin posts to come!

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Julie said...

i am the same way...i have to have the actual CD!! so glad you had a great time. it really is a special city!