May 18, 2009

I Need a Book. And I Need Inspiration.

Recently I have found myself with growing lists (Post-its and otherwise) and ideas of things I really want to do design-wise. It seems a bit overwhelming even when I break it down piece by piece in my lists (the best way to actual get things done...teeny tiny pieces) but then I don't feel like doing anything on those lists when I come home at night after spending 8 hours staring at my Mac at my job. How to motivate?! These two books might be helpful. The first one, Craft, Inc: Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business is one that has been on my MUST READ list since it came out and hit the design blogs. The second, The Design Entrepreneur: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell, I just read about from Felt & Wire this morning. Since I have been without a book to read since finishing (over two months ago) a fantastic memoir of a waitress at Per Se, Service Included, I am in desperate need of something. My reading since has consisted of New York Magazine and the New York Times. With a 25 minute subway ride each way, that is quality reading time 10 times a week!

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Brilliant Asylum said...

"Craft" is great. I have been lazy about implementing the advice, but I keep it around for inspiration once I do.