May 14, 2009

JHill Design & Places in Patterns.

I've seen her work many times before (thanks to my trustworthy daily design blogs I read) but forgot how much I loved it! JHill Design is a VERY talented woman who I recently learned used to work for one of my favorite beauty companies, Fresh. Her fondness of pattern and typography totally won me over the very first time I saw her designs and still looking through her website just makes me ooh and aah. I remember this series of her "Places I Have Never Been" being part of a calendar but I just checked out her site and she has actual prints of those places. Beautiful patterns that grasp a hint of that particular city envelop the page and then the typographic solution of the city name at the bottom; followed by random facts about that city and exactly how many miles (from Boston, as that's where she lives) it would take to get there. So wonderful and clever!

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Kelly said...

i own her Pittsburgh print. love this series!