May 12, 2009

Because I Can't Ever Seem to Get Enough Ketchup.

How great is this new Heinz ketchup ad I saw in Martha Stewart Living this month?

Ketchup, I love thee. I love thee on grilled cheese, on french fries, on turkey burgers, on (the occasional) hot dog, on pasta (don't freak out, all you Italian Grandmas out there), on eggs, on home fries. You get the picture. Kathy, Caitlin and I used to go to brunch back in our early/mid-20s the Sunday mornings after a long night of beveraging only to half-devour the once-full bottle of ketchup that was on the diner's table. Kathy would watch in horror as Caitlin and I would pass the bottle back and forth and empty it's red contents little by little on our plates of eggs and potatoes. All for the love of lycopene, I used to say!

Of course this ketchup use has subsided a little as I don't do the post-partying brunch as much as I used to, but that bottle of Heinz is still readily available in our fridge at home and is utilized at any moment that might call for tomato goodness.

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